Radio Dispatches Show PG&E Equipment Near Camp Fire Ignition

The Mercury News reports early radio transmissions from first responders show PG&E equipment was present near the ignition of the Camp Fire.

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CORNING, Calif. — It’s been almost a month since the deadly Camp Fire began, but many evacuees are still living in RV’s across the Northstate including some at Rolling Hills Casino, like Gwen Nordgren.

She’s staying at the casino’s RV park with her dog and daughter’s family just two spaces away.

She says she knows her entire family lost their homes in Paradise.

On Friday, they headed back up for the first time to see the damage.

In the meantime, she said the casino has been incredibly generous and they have been able to make due.

“This is perfect for me. We’re borrowing this from a friend. The casino has just been out of this world. They are feeding us free everyday at the buffet,” said Nordgren.

In addition to providing free food, the second group of FEMA trailers set aside for Camp Fire evacuees arrive Saturday morning at Rolling Hills Casino in Corning.

“We’re bringing in twelve trailers starting by mid-morning, 10 o-clock in the morning,” said Federal Coordinating Officer with FEMA, David Samaniego .

Once they arrive, any fees or utilities needed for the spots will also be covered.

“FEMA will pay for all the costs associated with these spots,” said Samaniego.

This will save survivors between $30,000 and $40,000 in housing, depending on the number of beds.

“Each trailer is for one household so it could be from one to several,” said Samaniego.

This will not be the only location for trailers.

“We’re also looking to lease at least 30 sites within the Paradise commuting area,” said Samaniego.

This includes one site in Mendocino County that already received five trailers and one in Glenn County.

“We have in fact secured 48 sites yesterday in Glenn County, I believe the Glenn County Fairgrounds,” said Samaniego.

As for Rolling Hills Casino, they’ve giving big too. The casino says they just want to help.

“It’s one of our values to help our community and we’re very grateful to be able to do so,” said Tribal Chairman Andrew Alejandre.

Both organizations say the trailers will be available for up to 18 months.

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