The Federal Judge in PG&E’s Chapter 11 reorganization has ordered that formal claims must be filed by October 21, 2019. Any fire victim who does not have a claim filed by this date will NOT be able to recover from PG&E for fire losses. Failure to file on time permanently bars your rights against PG&E. We file claims for our clients and work to help maximize your claim value. 

Step one is we need you signed up as a client:(1) a signed fee agreement, (2) a one-page questionnaire, and (3) a photo id (drivers license) for each adult client. If you have a trust, minor kids, or businesses we will need a separate contract for each client. Step two we need to interview you to obtain information to complete the claim form so we can get it filed. To have a claim we need you to complete steps one and two.  We will not accept any new clients after October 14 so we have time to process the claims before the October 21, 2019, Court ordered final deadline.