Why did you decide to sue PG&E?

What do you say to families like yours that had to live through these fires?

What does Watts Guerra bring to the party?

What about outsider law firms filing suits in San Francisco?

How have you prepared for the fight ahead?

Will filing a suit affect my insurance?

Why is PG&E Responsible?

What would keep PG&E from filing bankruptcy?

PG&E claims acts of god are to blame

What sort of business claims can be brought against PG&E?

What are punitive damages and why should they be applied here?

Did everyone in your neighborhood make it out?

Aside from my house what other kinds of damages can be claimed?

As an attorney how does your professional and now personal experience give you an advantage?

Your family ran for their lives. What was that like?

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) Info